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This story-telling device increases the dread you feel the closer the story gets to its climax. I liked it, but my boyfriend really liked it because he likes anything to do with mobsters or gangsters.

There are a few unexpected twists that make this movie worth watching, if you like that sort of thing.

I never really understood how the white collar criminals were making their money and the struggling mother in the hood trying to "get out" seemed over-done, but most of the other characters seemed real.

At first, I thought the main gangster was a terrible actor, but then I realized he is supposed to seem like a wanabe/has been.

Like Eric I found the Harry Potter scene to be one of the movie's best, as it displays real knowledge of its source material by playing with the notion that the kids playing Harry, Ron and Hermione are aging a lot faster than their characters.

I also agree with Eric that Mays is basically trying to channel Anna Faris, but I found her to be funny anyway as she repeats nearly everything Chambers says.

A hostage situation kicks of Krews, but the desperation of the characters pulled into it is what grabs and never lets go.

KREWS is a provocative story that pits the sophisticated world of wireless global trading against the primitive world of inner city drug trafficking.

I'm not sure if Eric isn't being a little too generous when he says this movie is aimed at teenagers.

I'm not sure that they weren't aiming for even younger than that.

The problem with even calling this movie a satire is that it rarely bothers to even satirize the movie it references.

It seems to think that just referring to a movie is humor enough.

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