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O’Leary is truthful, forceful, blunt, harsh, maybe even mean to those who come before him with their dreams, with their bids to break free of “the man” and be their own boss.How surprising then to see him stand in a nondescript storefront in an Ottawa shopping mall and be genuinely moved, to see him – dare it be said – be sentimental.In 1973, O’Leary had a job scooping ice cream in Lincoln Fields Shopping Centre on Carling Avenue, until his boss asked him to clean the floor. “And I realized, ‘Wow, being an employee’s not great.’“This was a seminal moment for me,” he says to Leah Dixon, the mall’s marketing coordinator, “because I realized then, at that age, that I never wanted to be an employee again, ever. I would have fired me too.”He’s fired many people, he says later to about 150 people crowded into the end of the food court for a public question-and-answer session.“It’s always about the business, not about the person.“Who knew that women spend over a billion dollars a year on their nails?

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He took the cash and founded O’Leary Mutual Funds, where he’s still chairman.

Given his pugnacity, you may expect him to be last in fan votes on the website, or maybe first. You’ve got to show me exactly where the space is.”Moments later, he stands in the front of the Istanbul market, where the ice cream stand used to be.

Although our employees have offices within the Ottawa Hospital, they are not employed by the Ottawa Hospital.

The Ottawa Department of Medicine offers outstanding opportunities for current and future health care practitioners.

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