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"He had angels watching over him to stop it today honest to God I really feel that," said Edith Abarca.Police arrested Sorensen and charged him with aggravated kidnapping, battery and criminal sexual abuse and unlawful restraint.“…The evidence proved that the crimes of which defendant was convicted were not isolated incidents but part of a pattern of contacting women online to arrange in sexual acts for money and then engaging in the assault, abuse and humiliation of these women,” Mc Laren wrote in his Dec. The judge also noted that Oliver’s sentences on charges typically punishable between six to 30 years in prison were below the midpoint sentencing range.

On Saturday, September 26th, Quintero responded to the Woodstock Police Department where he was taken into custody for the warrant.The arrest warrant was the result of an approximate one week long investigation of attempting to locate Quintero.The investigation revealed he was no longer residing at the address in the 100 block of W. Woodstock, in which he was registered to be residing at.Mc Henry County Judge Sharon Prather subsequently sentenced him to 36 years in prison.His attempt to appeal the conviction in 2016 was denied.

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WOODSTOCK – A former Woodstock man convicted of sexually assaulting women in what one victim called a sex dungeon will remain in prison serving a 36-year sentence, according to a recent appellate court ruling.

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