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It could be Weaving’s tagline: She may look like the girl next door, but she has a tendency to take on the kind of off-kilter characters that audiences love to hate—or hate to love. “In Florence, they tried to homeschool us for six months but then they gave up,” she recalled.

Born in Adelaide, Weaving, who can currently be seen on the big screen (in the Oscar contender ), had an unconventional childhood. “So my mum said, ‘If you just do a painting a day, we’ll call it even.’ Thanks parents!

The Twelfth Doctor was see entering the TARDIS alongide his first incarnation, and World War I pilot (Mark Gatiss).

But unimpressed by the tardis, David spat: 'This is hideous! And Peter was in agreement, throwing up his hands in horror as he exclaims: 'Have we been robbed? '.'This place is my TARDIS,' David admitted, embarrassed.

Frankie Shaw, the creator and director and all around genius woman -- it's based on her life.

The companion makes it fun.'Last month Doctor Who fans were treated to a sneak peek of the Christmas special on Children In Need.

The photo was actually of Weaving in makeup for a shoot: “I’d be fighting on the other side, but I can’t because I’m not American and I can’t vote!

” she said.)These days, Weaving can be spotted in a number of idiosyncratic roles outside of the horror genre, particularly as comic relief.

Over the summer Pearl confirmed she would not be returning to join Jodie Whittaker’s female Thirteenth Doctor in series 11.'It's been such an amazing journey.

It's such an incredible show and it's so well loved,' Mackie said at the time, adding however, that she would 'never say never' to a future appearance.

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They split for a bunch of different reasons, and she had to raise the baby alone.

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