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Butter is then whipped in, resulting in one of the silkiest buttercreams imaginable.For those who feel the need for cream cheese (myself included!

Bake until the cakes have puffed but will still retain a slight impression if touched gently with a fingertip.For all of you who came in, tried it out, and left feedback: thank you!You’ll notice this is like any Red Velvet recipe you’ve seen before.At any rate, having had to throw away all those ingredients with a bad batch, you’re probably not looking to spend any more money, but I can’t recommend enough a kitchen scale.(My favorite part: recipes come together super fast because you can measure the ingredients straight into the bowl, no cups to clean! Stella Dec 23, 2011 · AM Hi Stella, gorgeous recipe, I’m about to make it for Christmas lunch. ) – when you list the measurements in ounces for things like wine or oil or vanilla extract, I assume you mean fluid ounces? · Amanda · Dec 24, 2011 · PM @Amanda, not a stupid question at all!

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