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Technical director Adam Fowler said that while development was shared between studios in different countries, the process involved close collaboration between the core team and others.This was necessary to avoid difficulties if studios did not communicate with each other as many game mechanics work in tandem.

Overhauling the Rockstar Advanced Game Engine allowed the developers to render particle effects with greater detail than in Grand Theft Auto IV.

The team opted to condense the city's spread into an area that players could comfortably traverse, and captured "the essence of what's really there in a city, but in a far smaller area", according to Houser.

Sam Sweet opined that the "exhaustive field work ... Rather, it was collected to create an extremely realistic version of a Los Angeles that doesn't actually exist.

Motion capture was used to record the characters' facial and body movements.

Like its predecessors, the game features an in-game radio that plays a selection of licensed music tracks.

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The game's re-release added a first-person view option along with the traditional third-person view.

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