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Dating is a lot like playing poker, you don’t want to show your hand because you give the game away.

In this case, you don’t want a man to know you have nothing to do on a Saturday night or that you are more interested in him than he is in you.

My advice is to ignore his meaningless texts and let him go.

But, let me warn you, ignoring him may cause his interest in you to increase. That’s why I advise my dating coaching clients not to text, email or call a man the day after a first date. Instead, thank him on the date and tell him you had a good time.

Whether you are implementing NC because you want him back or because you truly want to get over him, you need a solid month before either of those things are possible (unless he quickly realizes on his own that he made the biggest mistake of his life).

During this time you are not allowed to see him, text him, email him, or even like his Facebook status (I don’t care if it says he rescued ten puppies from Africa). Even if it’s his birthday, or your birthday, or his grandma’s birthday. This person quickly went from being the center of your universe to not being in your universe at all and that is a huge and awful adjustment. But I will say NC isn't just something I preach, it is something I actually practice (in fact, today marks 30 days of NC for me and the guy who broke my heart on NYE!

When a guy breaks up with you one of two things will happen.

Either he will miss you and come back or you will get over it and move on.

He is in love with Honoka, his neighbor, but she is already married and pregnant.Apparently, 30 days is also how long it will take for him to start missing you.Additionally, if your relationship ended horribly, he will need a little time to start focusing on the good things and forget the bad things.The theory behind that is it takes at least 30 days to gain some distance and perspective.You don’t want to be talking to him when you are an irrational mess.

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Either of those things are possible (though the latter is probably more likely), but neither will happen if your ex is still in your life.

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