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The CPE assesses a subset of the entry-level clinical veterinary skills taught in an AVMA/Council on Education veterinary school.

All candidates taking the CPE are encouraged to critically consider whether the education they received is sufficient to provide them with the necessary skill level to perform at a passing level on the CPE.

It is the candidate's responsibility to monitor the ECFVG Web site for information about ECFVG program policies and changes.

The seven sections of the CPE include: anesthesia (canine), equine practice, food animal practice, necropsy, radiographic positioning (small animal), small animal medicine, and surgery (canine ovariohysterectomy).

If questions remain after reading the Candidate Bulletin in its entirety, please contact the ECFVG Testing Coordinator at ECFVG or 800-248-2862, ext 6682.

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The hands-on, performance based CPE is a 3-day, 7-section, clinical skills examination, administered by the faculty of a college of veterinary medicine or other authorized testing institution.

The skill and knowledge level expected to receive a passing score on each section of the CPE is that of an entry-level US or Canadian veterinarian (ie, new graduate of an AVMA/Council on Education-accredited veterinary school).

If further training/education is required, the support and expertise of a veterinary mentor is strongly recommended prior to scheduling and attempting the CPE.

The CPE is a test of “entry-level skills.” Therefore, cases/conditions selected for inclusion on the examination should be common conditions with which the new graduate of an AVMA-accredited school should be familiar.

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