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Shame it's not a US brand, then we could all club together for a class action I did join this on-line dating website site C-DATE for six months in Jan 2017. They do have an option page on their webpage where you can navigate to delete your profile. But last week I got notification email from C-date saying I owe them 190.40 euro and I was quite shocked! How the hell if I pay 6months for 104euro can the price jump up to 190.40 euro.

I got email from them final demand notice or we will get debt collectors from a Martin Bell. Do you think I want to keep using the poxy stupid site for another 6 months and then no auto renewal! I'm Loreatha I'm new to this online date site.. When you try to send the fax then the fax is ALWAYS BUSY. I MANAGED TO REVERSE A PAYMENT MADE FROM MY CREDIT CARD YESTERDAY. You then find they take over£100 out your account for the pleasure.Yes they do tell you that this subscription will be renewed automatically at the end of the selected period, However you do not have an option to choose whether you want this to happen (the auto subscription renewal), So If you don't agree you don't get the full membership. They said you are supposed to give 14 days notice to cancel or else pay another 6 months!Didn't think I ever paid so much for some dating site and to make things worst, the site was crap..matches they sent all looks like fake picture and profile."I received no contact proposals and still was charged £104.70 BE CAREFUL GUYS !!! I had the Worst Experience EVER .i loged in with the APP of C-date i found very cheap prices for exempel the Price of 6 Months was 7,48Euro/month . 2 seconds Later i say That C-date took 179,4Euro from my bank account . If anyone wanna help me to take REVENGE from this FAKE company can contact me i hope that will take OUR MONEY back .Everything you have read is true about this company being a scam, about not being able to contact them to cancel the subscription. I have tried oi find a phone number, they have none and I have cancelled via the website and this does not stop them from charging me 155$ for the last month...

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