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This person might be a peer, a manager, a trainer, or someone with specific expertise in what you are trying to learn. The most obvious is to watch you perform, give you feedback, and offer suggestions for improvement.But effective coaches can also be a very valuable source of social support, which is essential to resilience and persistence.Excerpted from the Leadership is also a performing art, and the best leaders also have coaches.

Compare that messaging from the ineffective manager with the leader who tells her people, “I expect you to deliver on the results we have agreed to, and I expect you to be a great leader for others throughout the entire organization.

We’ve found in our research on coaching that the factor most related to coaching effectiveness is the quality of the relationship between performer and coach.

And of all the items used to measure coaching behavior, the one most linked to success is: “This person embodies character qualities and values that I admire.” (There’s that credibility Many organizations have an honest desire to develop more and better leaders.

In our work at International Leadership Associates (ILA), we’ve come to identify four common flaws that most frequently derail these leadership development efforts.

Although none will come as a complete surprise to many of our colleagues in the field, there are some key lessons we’ve learned.

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