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, is a literary work originally written on a cellular phone via text messaging.This type of literature originated in Japan, where it has become a popular literary genre.The cell phone novel is changing reading habits; readers no longer need to physically go to a bookshop and purchase a book.They can go online using their cell phone, download a novel, and read it on their personal mobile phone anywhere, any time they wish.

These writers understand what narratives will attract young readers, incorporating emergent events or trendy elements from teen culture into their stories.

In each chapter, readers will be able to experience narration, poetry and even visual arts in the use of carefully chosen line breaks, punctuation, rhythm and white space.

Often, cell phone novels features the use of fragments, conversational, simple and delicate language; cliffhangers and dramatic dialogue emphasized by the unseen or omitted becomes a vital part of the reading experience, allowing deeper meanings and interpretations to unfold.

However, its popularity has also spread to other countries internationally, especially to China, United States, Germany, and South Africa.

Chapters usually consist of about 70-100 words each due to character limitations on cell phones.

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