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For weeks, there were multiple posts a day about how Hamm had supposedly taken advantage of Chen while she was still his student. This blew up into entire blogs dedicated to “exposing” the scandal, which the anonymous harasser, or harassers, then emailed to Harvard deans and professors in Hamm’s department.

Cruz, Davao del Sur on September 17, 2016 in a bid to help improve the barangay’s health services for the residents of the company’s host community.

Magnaye, TSI Corporate Social Responsibility Manager. He said securing a new health facility close to the barangay hall does not only solve the substandard condition of the center, it also allows better administration of the facility and provides great esteem to the equally dynamic barangay health workers in giving primary health care to the Inawayan population.

“We would like to extend our thanks to Therma South, who has been supporting the community since they came here. “We saw that since Aboitiz Power started operating here, we can say that there has been positive changes in the barangay. Aside from the building, the Community Health Enhancement Program also bears an information, education campaign (IEC) to the host communities of TSI on proper health and safety measures regarding their respiratory health and basic sanitation practices.

“I’m the girl he supposedly raped.” Surreal exchanges like this have been the normal course for Chen for more than five years now. As a freshman at Harvard, she started a blog called Sex and the Ivy, where she wrote about her hookups, self-medication with alcohol, recovery from an eating disorder and crushing desire to be liked. Her blog set the Ivy League on fire, drawing the attention of national media. She was majoring in sociology and steeped in gender theory; she thought she was living her politics by offering an uncensored female take on sex.

She didn’t appreciate the fact that she was a teenage girl, talking about sex, while attending Harvard.

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She was paranoid just being on campus, thinking that the person she sat near in class could be the same person cackling at her anonymously online. “That was the most traumatizing aspect of it,” she said.

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  1. This is the worst K-Drama I have watched as of yet. The story line was flawed and you will be confused as of what were the goals of the lead character. I'm just hoping that the ending (whether it's a happy or a sad one) will be neat and satisfying.